A corporation is a company or group of people authorized to act as a single entity (legally a person) and recognized as such in law. Early incorporated entities were established by charter (i.e. by an ad hoc act granted by a monarch or passed by a parliament or legislature). Most jurisdictions now allow the creation of new corporations through registration.

Corporations come in many different types but are usually divided by the law of the jurisdiction where they are chartered into two kinds: by whether or not they can issue stock, or by whether or not they are for profit.

Where local law distinguishes corporations by ability to issue stock, corporations allowed to do so are referred to as "stock corporations", ownership of the corporation is through stock, and owners of stock are referred to as "stockholders." Corporations not allowed to issue stock are referred to as "non-stock" corporations, those who are considered the owners of the corporation are those who have obtained membership in the corporation, and are referred to as a "member" of the corporation.

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Pune: Power outage in 30 villages of Velhe for three days

The Times of India 14 Aug 2022
At least 30 villages, including some in remote areas of tehsil, have been suffering from power outage for the last 72 hours after heavy rain ... The Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Corporation Limited (MSEDCL) officials said they could not restore power as they were unable to repair the electric supply line because of continuous rainfall....

Türkiye's daily power consumption down 4.6% on Aug. 13

Anadolu Agency 14 Aug 2022
Daily electricity consumption in Türkiye decreased by 4.64% on Saturday compared to the previous day, totaling 997,207 million megawatt-hours, according to official figures of Turkish Electricity Transmission Corporation (TEIAS) on Sunday....

10 Iconic Wrestling Storylines Summed Up In A Single Frame

What Culture 14 Aug 2022
WWE is a carny pro wrestling racket dressed up as a corporate entertainment conglomerate ... he effectively subdued the talent that followed Austin, and slathered WWE in a slick corporate ethos that punishes defiance and expression ... Austin was an hilarious badass megastar, McMahon the exquisite, hammy ar*ehole corporate overlord....

Opinion/Brown: Living on a political fault line – and waiting for the rumble to come

Cape Cod Times 14 Aug 2022
More and more, losing an election is being experienced, not as a temporary adjustment of power between fellow citizens, but as defeat and occupation by an alien force ... We may be seeing the last of a historic era wherein the government has served as a check on corporate power....

Seun Kuti on His Music and His Politics

All About Jazz 14 Aug 2022
How did you come up with the lyrics to your song "Corporate Public Control Department"? ... I've always felt that the government—all over the world today, from Africa to Asia, to South and North America, everywhere, from Europe to Australia—are in power just because they really want to control the people on behalf of corporate interests....

Talk about corporate welfare: Federal giveaways to wind, solar sectors are about to explode

The Hill 14 Aug 2022
The handouts in the bill show, once again, the power of the NGO-industrial-corporate-Congress-media complex ... Why should you care? First and foremost, you should care because these tax credits are just another form of corporate welfare ... Robert Bryce is the host of the “Power Hungry Podcast,” executive producer of the documentary, “Juice....

US Government Is World’s Worst Violator of Freedom of Press, Not Its Protector

GlobalResearch 14 Aug 2022
The US government uses Big Tech corporations in Silicon Valley as arms of soft power, censoring information that is inconvenient for its foreign-policy interests, violating the free speech of billions of people in foreign countries ... Iranian media outlets have been constantly censored by the US government and its soft-power arms in Silicon Valley....

PFC Projects likely to rope in investor partners for stressed power projects

The Economic Times 14 Aug 2022
PFC Projects Ltd, an equal joint venture of Power Finance Corporation and REC Ltd, is likely to rope in technical or strategic investor partners to operate and maintain acquired stressed or non-performing assets next year ... ....

Did the FBI just reelect Donald Trump?

Standard-Speaker 14 Aug 2022
Why is Donald Trump so powerful? How did he come to dominate one of the two major parties and get himself elected president? Is it his hair? His waistline? No, it’s his narratives ... Washington power players, liberal media, big foundations, elite universities, woke corporations....

IFC identifies impediments to market for NPLs in Pakistan

Dawn 14 Aug 2022
The non-performing loan (NPL) market in Pakistan is nascent compared with regional peers like India or China, and the secondary market is nearly non-existent, the International Finance Corporation (IFC) observed in a new report ... In 2020, NPLs from the power, cement and agriculture segments were the top three contributors to NPL stock....

Why Was Former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Estate Raided?

GlobalResearch 14 Aug 2022
The WEF’s eternal CEO, Klaus Schwab, has made it clear during the last WEF Conference in May 2022 in Davos, that “We have the Means to Improve the State of the World.” What he really meant to say is that, we this small but important group of people in this room have the power to impose the shape of the world....

As India turns 75, a look-back at the defining cultural moments that shaped it

Indian Express 14 Aug 2022
If we leave the assessments of our inheritance and contemporaries to others – to other countries, to corporations, to the State, to the powerful among us, or to ideologies – how can we be free? ... More power and intelligence in your daily cleaner ... More power and intelligence in your ......

Crisis of political imagination

The News International 13 Aug 2022
It keeps us on our toes to defend the fortress of morality and keep the power of a shrewd politician far away from us ... The consumers of fabricated political narratives are also good consumers of corporate products ... Giant corporations invest heavily to create political and religious idols and icons as the ambassadors of their brands....

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