A corporation is a company or group of people authorized to act as a single entity (legally a person) and recognized as such in law. Early incorporated entities were established by charter (i.e. by an ad hoc act granted by a monarch or passed by a parliament or legislature). Most jurisdictions now allow the creation of new corporations through registration.

Corporations come in many different types but are usually divided by the law of the jurisdiction where they are chartered into two kinds: by whether or not they can issue stock, or by whether or not they are for profit.

Where local law distinguishes corporations by ability to issue stock, corporations allowed to do so are referred to as "stock corporations", ownership of the corporation is through stock, and owners of stock are referred to as "stockholders." Corporations not allowed to issue stock are referred to as "non-stock" corporations, those who are considered the owners of the corporation are those who have obtained membership in the corporation, and are referred to as a "member" of the corporation.

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UT to get less water on three days

The Times of India 21 Sep 2019
Water supply in the city is going to be affected on three days — on September 21, 23 and 25, as the Punjab State Power Corporation Ltd (PSPCL) has asked the municipal corporation to shut down Kajauli Waterworks for urgent shifting of overhead power lines, said an official on Friday....

Rajasthan proposes hefty cess for upcoming inter-state solar projects

Yahoo Daily News 21 Sep 2019
Existing solar plants not supplying power to Rajasthan will have to "contribute a sum of Rs 1 lac per MW per year for entire life cycle of the project unless they have deposited upfront payment of Rs 10 lac per MW as per provisions of Rajasthan Solar Energy Policy, 2011", the ......

Flames-Oilers Sum

Federal News Radio 21 Sep 2019
Calgary 2 0 0—2. Edmonton 1 2 3—6. First Period_1, Edmonton, Chiasson 1 (Larsson, Cave), 2.44 ... Edmonton 6-9-14_29 ... Power-play opportunities_Calgary 0 of 4; Edmonton 1 of 1. Insight by NEC Corporation of America ... ....

Warren's momentum spurs new attacks from 2020 rivals

Rapid City Journal 21 Sep 2019
Others are more circumspect, with Joe Biden's campaign beginning to question Warren's corporate legal work decades ago, suggesting it's at odds with her brand as a progressive champion for middle-class Americans ... "Elizabeth Warren's willingness to challenge corporate power is unquestioned," Green said....

House votes to end forced arbitration in business disputes

The Spokesman-Review 21 Sep 2019
It now goes to the Senate. The House bill defends the rights of workers and consumers and makes it easier for individuals to fight powerful corporations, said Rep ... “Forced arbitration agreements undermine our indelible Constitutional right to trial by jury, benefiting powerful businesses at the expense of American consumers and workers,” he said ... ....

UAE students speak on climate change

Gulf News 21 Sep 2019
Whilst it is absolutely the duty of young people to lead change in the world on the environment, it is clear that most emissions aren’t caused by individuals, they are in fact caused by states and corporations; a point which Greta emphasises greatly ... Even though she is only 16, her words are powerful and her intentions are set in stone....

Young activists: We want a planet to grow up on

The Daily Gazette 21 Sep 2019
Standing amid the larger rally in the minutes before speakers railed against corporate power, legislative inaction and widespread public apathy, the Union students said that the importance of climate change dwarfs so much else, it represents an existential crisis for young generations ... “You have more power than you think you do,” she said....

Why I Cover Campus Controversies

The Atlantic 21 Sep 2019
They warrant critical scrutiny as centers of training for every era’s power-wielding elites, as places of civil acculturation, as corporations with sizable assets, as huge recipients of taxpayer money, as hotbeds of political activism for good and ill, and as a good that some ......

Corporate America’s Latest Bill of Goods

Truth Dig 20 Sep 2019
Since the financial crisis erupted 10 years ago, populism has taken hold of the public imagination, and popular anger seems to have reached new heights as inequality has risen and corporations have grown more powerful....

Who will pay for tax cut, asks Congress

The Telegraph India 20 Sep 2019
The Opposition on Friday said tax cuts for corporates alone cannot address the low demand and reduced purchasing power that is plaguing the Indian economy, and the Congress attributed the series of budget rollbacks over the past few weeks to the lack of “sound leadership, mature ......

Healthcare industry welcomes govt#39;s decision to slash corporate tax rate

Moneycontrol 20 Sep 2019
"Reduction in corporate tax and ... Corporate India has for long been advocating standardised rates of corporate taxation, as a tool to drive creation of investible surplus and enhanced dividend payouts to drive purchasing power" ... Corporate tax cut bold move, positive for economy....